Plant Lists

Facilities Services is working to create a searchable plant database within the major gardens, along with a plant list and information on current and future planting designs. As they become available they will be listed here with links to open both the design and plant list.

  1. Quad Entry Gardens - North Beds and South Beds
  2. Kramer Beds
  3. Botany Pond
  4. Hull Court Garden
  5. Regenstein Entry Garden Trees + Shrubs and Perennials + Grasses
  6. Bartlett Hall
  7. Alumni House Gardens
  8. Rockefeller Chapel – Circle Bed and Entry Walk Beds
  9. Levi Hall - East Bed and West Bed
  10. Main Quadrangle Circle Garden
  11. Woodlawn Garden
  12. Dan Hall Garden in Harper Quad
  13. Janet Rowley Garden at Bond Chapel - west side of chapel
  14. Cobb Gate-North Beds (57th Street side)
  15. Ida Noyes Hall – Main Entry Garden and Cloister Garden
  16. Smart Museum Courtyard Garden
  17. Jean Block Garden at Regenstein Library (north side)